The Rise Of WPGeni – 10% Weekly Growth

The Rise Of WPGeni – 10% Weekly Growth

With around 10% signups per week since the launch of WPGeni, we are working on streamlining the process of Wish requests through our Support website.

Finding great developers is on our next top priority and making the systems work seamlessly. More and more people are becoming aware of how important it is for continual updates to plugins and themes and regular backups to keep their data safe online. Websites are becoming a very large part of income for people and they cannot afford to have them go down or get hacked or broken in any way.

Have you considered the costs if your website went down, even for a day? If you own an online business that is based on WordPress, whether it is an online store, selling products, or have a website that advertises your business, it is essential that you continually update and backup your website and have a plan B in place if something goes wrong. Or if you do not have the time, signup for one of our plans and WPGeni will look after your website and greatly minimise the risk of anything happening to it.

WPGeni will continue to rise and support the many businesses that run WordPress websites and to serve people to keep their data safe online and freshly updated.

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