What are WPGeni Wishes

On top of our regular monthly website maintenance, we offer Wishes. 

A WPGeni Wish is a 30 minute task and to get them, you can either purchase a single Wish if you are on our base plan or if not on a plan at all.

Our WPGeni Website Grow and Valet Plans have wishes included.

A question we are asked often from our new clients is “What are examples of WPGeni Wishes?” and in this article I am going to go over some of the wishes that our clients ask us to do, which might provide some inspiration for you.

Are you ready?

Lets do this.

1. Edit or Add a New Page

You would supply us with the new or existing page content and we would edit or build it for you. We would create the page in an very functional way and present it to you for your review. Examples of pages we could create are: FAQs, Testimonials, Services, Team Members or an Image Gallery.

2. Add a Blog Post

A blog post is just like this article you are reading. So we would take your latest news and add it to your website so that your website is constantly updated and fresh with new information. You can also send us videos and we will embed them and make them into posts.

3. Create a Landing / Sales Page

This involves creating a page with a main call to action and a contact form. The form is connected to a email campaign provider such as Mailchimp for example. This is popular if you are wanting to build a email database or collect emails in return for giving away something like an eBook or free phone consult.

4. Add a Contact Form with Autoresponder

Being a WPGeni client, also gets you access to some premium plugins that you would normally have to pay for. We use our development licenses to install those plugins for you. In this instance, we could add a contact form, or any form that will also send an automatic email to thank the person who contacted you. We think that is simply a very nice thing to do.

5. Install and setup an SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate on your website is very important now, particularly with keeping your website visitors data secure and Google also favours a websites with an SSL. We can install either a pre-purchased SSL Certificate, or if your host has Lets Encrypt, we can install and setup your website correctly. Just in case you are wondering. An SSL puts a green https:// at the beginning of your domain name.

6. Create & Schedule Email Campaigns

Do you have a Mailchimp account or do you use Get Response or one of the many email campaign applications? If so, we can create and schedule to send out email campaigns to your email database. We can also help you set the applications up, so that you can send regular emails to your list. We can also help with email database management using Google Sheets.

7. Fix a noticeable issue

Perhaps there is something not quite right about your website. Maybe there is too much space in one part of the website, or not enough. Or something is just not working properly, such as an image is half showing or there is a page error and your website visitors are letting you know. Well, let us know the issue and we’ll fix it.

8. Website loading too slow?

One of the main issues of why a website is loading too slow is either the host provider or the common thing is Images. We can assess the load speeds of your website and fix the most common issues. Perhaps the images are too big, we’ll make them smaller, or there are too many plugins installed and making your website load slowly, we can assess as a wish and get it sorted for you.

9. Edit your Website Menu

Sometimes website navigation menus get too cluttered or confusing and they do not allow the visitor to easily navigate your website. We can help with creating a new menu or menu structure that will help your website visitors find what they are looking for quicker. We’ll also make sure it all works and looks good on mobiles too.

There are so many other examples of wishes that we cannot list them all here, so if you are unsure if your wish is a wish, then let us know via email or in a comment below and we’ll let you know if it is or not.

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