By using the WPGeni services, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms of service.

Service Terms

24/7 Email Support

You have access to our support 24 hours day and 7 days a week. We operate Monday to Friday, however if certain emergencies arise, we can attend to your wish on the weekends.


Also known as updates or additions made to you website. The Pro and Plus services offer three or six wishes. These wishes account for 30 minute time based tasks. If you send us a wish and we think that it will be more than 30 minutes, we will contact you to discuss further. Wishes must be used within the month and are not transferable to the next month if not used.

These Wishes are Ideal

These wishes include:

  • Adding supplied images – including gallery images, sliders, featured images on blogs and pages.
  • Adding / Changing Text on pages and blog posts.
  • Basic CSS changes to your theme (eg. border colors, background colors, navigation menu colors, heights or areas such as header or footer changes, removal of elements.)
  • Adding pages and content.
  • Adding / updating blog posts.

These Wishes fall into a different category

There are some things that we know will take more than 30 minutes. The following is a list that is deemed outside of the Wish based services.

  • Plugin PHP code changes, or 3rd party application modifications.
  • Content writing.
  • Video Production.
  • Purchase or the supply of images.

Proactive Plugin Updates

WordPress has many plugins available to add extra functionality to your website. We will perform daily updates to your plugins as required. We will also make sure your website works after a plugin update. We may at times, remove older plugins and add new ones to help increase performance of your website.

Proactive Theme Updates

Your theme will be updated as per required. We will need access to your theme, if supplied by a 3rd party such as Themeforest.

Off Server Backups

Your website is safe with our weekly off server backups. In the event of hacking (unlikely under our watch), we can restore your website within a short period of time, to reduce downtime on your website.

Security Monitoring & Gaurantee

Everyday, WordPress is attacked by nefarious programs or “Bots” and in the event that one gets in, your website could be shut down by your host. We will ensure that this does not happen, by monitoring the attempts of those bots trying to enter your website and by blocking them immediately. We will also do an update to your Username and Passwords, if we think that they are not strong enough.

We are not responsible for any down time, or service interruption for your hosting account (if you are hosted with another company). You will need to contact your hosting supplier for any issues that arise for your account. We will monitor your website up and down time and recommend moving your website to either our servers or another server of your choice, if we think that your host is not providing the best service you deserve.

How to request a Wish

You simply need to email us at and you will receive a confirmation with a ticket number assigned and we will get your Wish done.


To offer the excellent pricing and ease of use of WPGeni, we only accept Paypal monthly subscription payments. This is great for you, as you do not need to think about the payment on a monthly basis and it also helps to minimise paperwork.


You can cancel at anytime. You can simply cancel your subscription within your Paypal account


We are always constantly trying to improve the way we do things. If you have any suggestions or feedback, good or bad, please let us know by emailing, so we can be better and serve you more.


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