Our Story

One day Paul received a call from a person who’s WordPress website was working one minute and the next was’nt. It had been hacked and the person was frantic to say the least as it was their main source of income. “How did this happen and why did it happen to me” said the caller.

The story is not uncommon to many of the phone calls that Paul has received and it became apparent to Paul that people who owned WordPress websites, did not know how to keep them secure so that leads to why WPGeni was started:

Why WPGeni

We have seen more than enough WordPress websites that were hacked due to plugins and theme files not being updated.

Noticing that once our clients received their websites they did not take the time to make sure their WordPress websites were updated, they simply did not have the time or the inclination to make sure their websites are safe, backed up and of course further security measures in place.

Introducing WPGeni (short for WordPress Genius, or you can liken it to the Genie in the bottle), We provide a WordPress maintenance service where we make sure your website is updated with the latest website software, off server backups and security processes are put in place.

We  guarantee that your website will be safe, or we will restore the website without further fees.

Our packages consist of 3 plans. Each one is designed to enable the website owner to customise their WPGeni experience with the lower $39 plan which only covers the core services and followed by the $69 or $99 plans that allow you to provide us with further instructions to make changes to your website with small fixes or simply upload new images and changing content on a page.

Think of us as a virtual staff member that consistently and professionally looks after your website.