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Reasons to Use WordPress

Here are some reasons why you should use WordPress for your website, if you are not already using WordPress, or are thinking about getting a WordPress website.The first reason is that WordPress is the number...

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One Reason Why You Should use WordPress

Something that just happened recently, a company has just gone belly up here on the Gold Coast. They created a content management system, a proprietary content management system that was specifically their own. Now they've...

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3 Easy Steps To Secure Your WordPress Website

<p>There are 3 things that you can do right now that will instantly increase the security of your WordPress website.&nbsp; There is nothing really that you can do to secure your website 100% and there are certainly more things you can do to really secure...

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MainWP vs InfiniteWP

When it comes to maintaining multiple websites, it can a very time consuming exercise to log into your many different websites to make essential updates to plugins, themes and to run security scans. At WPGeni we have tried a couple of 3rd party solutions to manage our...

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The Rise Of WPGeni – 10% Weekly Growth

With around 10% signups per week since the launch of WPGeni, we are working on streamlining the process of Wish requests through our Support website. Finding great developers is on our next top priority and making the systems work seamlessly. More and more people are...

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The launch of WPGENI

Well, we have rubbed the lamp and out popped WPGENI. The all inclusive WordPress solution, offering the best support and maintenance for WordPress websites around the globe. We have started off with a few clients signing up and have been using our beta testing for the...

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