Reasons to Use WordPress

Here are some reasons why you should use WordPress for your website, if you are not already using WordPress, or are thinking about getting a WordPress website.

The first reason is that WordPress is the number one content management system in the world. Why is that a good thing? Because you have access to a lot of support channels for your website. In the event that your developer, or if you’re developing the website yourself, you’ve got access to huge amounts of resources to help you achieve what you want with your website. WordPress makes up around 25% of the worldwide web, of all the websites that are out there and it’s growing every day. It’s a really powerful content management system.

Second reason is that it is really good for search engine optimization. Even Google has stated that it likes WordPress websites and in my personal experience of building my own personal websites in WordPress and building my clients websites in WordPress is that the ranking factor alone tells me that WordPress is a viable option. It will help you get ranked on Google for keyboards and because of the way that it’s structured, the file structure and the link structure is how it’s all built and the foundations for it, it’s really wonderful so search engine optimization is a really good benefit.

The third reason is that you can do pretty much anything with WordPress. You can have an E-commerce site, you can have a simple business brochure website, you can have a blog and now it’s going into the application framework creating applications like mobile phone applications and not just websites but the way information can be shared. Watch that space because it’s going pretty great. Another reason is that there are a lot of plug ins that you can use so the functionality of your WordPress website can grow quite considerably using one of the many thousands of plug ins that are available. Again, you can turn your website into a fully fledged online store using the commerce plug in for example. There’s just so many things you can do with it, it’s just amazing.

The last reason why, WordPress has a fairly easy learning curve. We teach people how to run or work with their WordPress websites and it’s great to be able to teach people because it’s easy. It’s intuitive, you go onto the dashboard, pages are in pages and posts are in posts for your articles so it’s really quite intuitive.

Anybody who hasn’t had the experience with WordPress can pick it up fairly quickly.

There you go. We hope that helps. There’s some pretty good valid reasons why you should use WordPress and also a confirmation why your website’s built with WordPress.

Do you have any reasons why you use WordPress that are not listed above? We would love to hear your ideas.

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