One Reason Why You Should use WordPress

Something that just happened recently, a company has just gone belly up here on the Gold Coast.

They created a content management system, a proprietary content management system that was specifically their own. Now they’ve kind of left all their customers hung up in the air.

They have no more support. I’ve even heard that websites are no longer working.

This is just another reason why we should use WordPress for our websites, because there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress developers around the world that can help you with your website. Yeah, it’s not a proprietary software. It’s an open source software, so you can always find plenty of support for it, and it’s not glued to any company.

This is why we should use WordPress for our websites, and that’s why we choose to use WordPress for our websites.

What are your thoughts about using WordPress and have you had any experiences using 3rd party propriatory content management system.

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